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Ductless Mini Split A/C systems are ideal for areas that do not have ductwork, such as older homes, apartments, renovations and additions to the home.

They are also suited for areas of a house that just seems to stay warmer than the rest of the house. Just as the name says, these kinds of systems do not require ducts to move cold air through the home. They are comparatively smaller than traditional air-conditioning units but are comprised of two main components; the condenser and the air handling unit. The condenser is typically located outside the building and the air handler is located inside building, typically hanging from the wall or ceiling.

There are several advantage to having a ductless mini-split air conditioning system installed in your home.

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Greater efficiency: These systems do not use ductwork to transfer the cooled air to various areas of the house. As a result, there is no temperature leakage that often occurs as cooled air passes through the ducts. This advantage provides a noticeable jump in energy conservation.

Zoned temperature control: They can be set up to independently control the temperature of various areas of the home. Each zone can have its own thermostat allowing for greater control of the temperature of the house and areas that are not used, which helps keep cooling bills lower.

This can be beneficial in larger homes so that the primary living areas can receive a majority of the cooling and the less lived in areas can be cooled on an as needed basis. This can save quite a bit on cooling costs.

over 20 years experienceSmaller footprint: These are smaller in comparison to tradition a/c units, which allows for greater flexibility for installation in your home. They can be installed in the ceiling or hung from a wall.

Safety: A/C units installed in windows provide a point of access into the home, whereas a/c ductless mini-split systems you can leave your windows closed and locked since they are not installed in the windows.

10 percent offIf you are considering a ductless mini-split a/c system, talk with the pros at Carolina Heating & Cooling. We will look at your existing home and review the best options for you and your budget. We will take into consideration the layout of your home, your existing heating and cooling system, your budget and the best place to install your system for the best results.

How they work: An outdoor air compressor/coil is connected to up to four air handler units inside the home via a refrigerant line instead of a series of ductwork. The air handler sends cooled air directly into the living area. The temperature of each indoor unit can be individually adjusted but up to four can be connected to one outdoor unit. For homes with more than one indoor air handler unit, zones are set up with the help of a qualified heating and cooling technician for maximum cooling efficiency.

Heating & Cooling: Ductless mini-split system provide BOTH heating and cooling options, since the system works like a heat pump, rather than a furnace, which heats the air. These systems can provide heat when it gets cold outside, but do have to work harder the colder it is outside. So, they may not be best suited to be used as a primary source of heat in your home.


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